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Let me introduce myself and offer my help.

I have been working as a freelance translator since 2003 and an interpreter, translator (mostly of the romantic letters on the very beginning of my career). Of course, I dreamt of becoming a model or a diplomat as I like peace and all beautiful and fashionable. So love is beautiful and always fashionable - now I still work as an English-Russian-Ukrainian translator and interpreter and vice versa. For more detailed information about my experience you may also look through my RESUME.

Now I work as a freelance translator and interpreter and I will help you with pleasure if you happen to visit our wonderful city Kherson for dating or as a tourist. We have lots of marriage and dating agencies here, as you know but you may not know that Kherson was found two years later than America))

So, it is a very interesting place to visit and I will be your guide-interpreter in Kherson then. Just ask Google about Old Kherson postcards collection and you will discover that Kherson-city has many historical monuments, two museums and one of the most interesting planetariums in Ukraine.


After University in 2001 I went to Marriage agencies to improve my English. I worked as an English-Russian interpreter and translated lots of romantic correspondence, video-chats and dates. I have more than 10 years’ seniority in field of translation and interpreting. Also I practiced translating test papers for students of Marine and Juridical Colleges.

The range of the translation fields is very wide - from Electric Cup Apparatus Manual to Yachting and Sails’ design.

For the last years I have been working as freelance interpreter and translator. Of course, I had some breaks in work and attempts to become a model or a business owner but after resuming who I am and where I go I decided to do what I like and love to do. So finally, I faced the necessity of creating this site.

I took part in translation of such sites:

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My goal is to make you feel comfortable in my city Kherson as if you had a friend here. I will give you support, help and advice so that you could feel safe and protected. I will become your private guide or a companion.


I'm a very responsible, serious and friendly person. It is also important to say that I'm honest and open-hearted; I do not like to cheat as I'm chary of my reputation.


My rates are moderate and reasonable as translating and interpreting are more my hobby than a daily bread. So I love what I do and I do it with pleasure.


A sincere thank you Nadia for the excellent English interpretation service during my recent visit to Kherson! My first day in Kherson was improved and I am happy about it. We would have no hesitation to choose your service again in future.
Many thanks, Malcolm

Nadezhda consistently provides a great translation product from English into Ukrainian and Russian in a timely and professional manner. It is a pleasure working with her and I look forward to future interactions.
Tim Scott

I have been working with Nadia for two years. I recommend her as a professional translator. My work concerns specific field of flow and hydrodynamic, the nomenclature is specific and complicated. However she is enough hardworking and sufficient to study the topic out and to make a qualitative translation. I fully plan to cooperate with her.
Aleksandr Kurbeko/Odin Sails


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